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Biotic vet is a digital marketing and online consultancy platform for all animal aficionado’s all rolled into one. So if you are someone who wish to open their own dairy, goatry, horse or poultry farm but don’t know how to go about it or if your furry munchkin needs a veterinary advice, you are at the right place.

We provide animal rearing, breeding and care solutions to cattle and poultry farm owners – right from setting up and upgrading your own farm, to data tracking, traceability and optimization of animal breeding practices, to providing high quality animal feed and fodder, health care, veterinary and allied resources for your animals.
We are a solution-cum-service provider who enlist the power of technology (like IoT, ICT and so forth) for generating traceable data, developing software based on these inputs and using this digitalized data to plan better animal breeding practices and produce.

Why Biotic Vet?

Biotic vet aims to bring a change in the way we operate animal-based businesses. we want the industry to move towards integrated, sustainable business practices, enlisting technology to biotic Vet aims to bring about a change in the way we operate animal-based businesses. We want the
industry to move towards integrated, sustainable business practices, enlisting technology to streamline processes and increase efficiency of both – animals & animal produce, and business productivity and profitability.

The end goal is to ‘Grow Together’ by helping create businesses that enlist the power of human technology as well as natural breeding practices by data-mapping animals’ feeding and breeding cycles,  ensuring complete traceability via ear-tagging, and giving the farmer as well as consumer the complete farm to fork traceability feature.

Our Vision

Our motto is to grow together with our clients, by powering their livestock businesses with the right technological inputs and precise livestock farming solutions, thus aiding them in maximizing their quality of produce while increasing market profitability.

Our Motto

To breed goodness in two terms – ensuring quality of feed and care to animals, while also balancing the environmental  impact and human needs of animal rearing.

Meet our team


Dr Poonam Qureshi | Founder/ Director Ex. Veterinary Affairs Manager (Hills's Pet Food)

Maj (Dr.) M. I. Qureshi | COO and Cofounder Ex AVP (Rajdarbar Dairy), Ex VO (Hyderabad Race Club), Ex Major (Indian Army)

A multi-faceted and sociable professional, Dr. Poonam Qureshi is a veterinary surgeon who has worked in various roles in the Corporate world, allowing her the ability to understand and imbibe the finesses of corporate culture. Her travels around the world have enriched her on-ground experiences and given her the confidence to blend with grass-root workers and motivate them to produce their best.

A dynamic, versatile and self-motivated Ex-army officer, a veterinarian and a first-generation entrepreneur, Maj. Qureshi aims to work for sustainable livestock farming, leading to increase animal produce, and in turn, enhanced farmers income and standard of living.Having worn many caps in his career of 2 decades, he has found himself on both sides of the fence in the working environment and brings with him a unique inside perspective of the government and private sector.